Tim Weske
Specialist in theatrical combat for film, television and stage. Decades of expertise in teaching and choreographing with all weapons.
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Tim Weske
Everything you need to put a great fight performance on film!

Tim Weske's 35 year background in sword fighting and extensive work with the Los Angeles film industry makes him the perfect choice for:

  • action scene design
  • fight choreography
  • fight movement training
  • stage combat training
  • seminars at your location
  • team building
  • weapon/prop rentals

Weske's expertise will save you time and money. He can help you develop, train and choreograph a safe, committed, entertaining, realistic and memorable fight sequence for your film, stage, TV, or video project. There are no jobs too big or small.

(818) 421-2926 theswordmaster@earthlink.net

Equipment Rentals

equipment rentals

Rental of safe theatrical weapons and swords, hard to find antique swords, fencing equipment and wardrobe. Consultation and advice on how the equipment and wardrobe is used, held and worn.

Stars Trained by Tim Weske

celebrities and stars trained

Videos and Film Reels

View video clips of some of Tim Weske's work.

Weekend Seminars


Sword Master Tim Weske is available to travel to your location to choreograph your project and to provide customized training for your group. He can provide everything you need to put a great fight performance together for stage and film.

For more information and booking please contact Tim directly at info@timweske.com or (818) 421-2926.

Fantasy Women Battles

fantasy women battles

Beautiful warrior women have been a resounding force in mythology, history and fantasy since the dawn of time. Fantasy Women Battles (FWB) brings 16 of these relentlessly driven women to life in 8 sensational fights to the death. These powerful, highly-trained women are as deadly as they are alluring and are united in only two things: the quest to be the best, and the lust for battle.

Contact Tim Weske directly for booking, services or questions.
Phone: (818) 421-2926
Email: theswordmaster@earthlink.net

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