Tim Weske
Specialist in theatrical combat for film, television and stage. 35 years of expertise in teaching and choreographing with all weapons.
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Prop Guns

Below are examples of prop guns availalbe for rental. If there is other weaponry you had envisioned, please contact us and we can help you fill that need.


45 Caliber Revolver
.45 Caliber Revolver
Brun Automatic cal 8mm K/N
.38 Snub Nose Revolver
Walther PPK
Revolver Competitive
.38 Revolver A
Python Revolver
.38 Revolver B
Western Revolver
.357 Western Revolver
Revolver silver
Revolver black
Flintlock Derringer
Flintlock Derringer
Flintlock A
Flintlock Pistol 18th Century
Flintlock B
Pirate Flintlock 18th Century
Flintlock with skull on handle


Double Barrel Shotgun
Double Barrel 12 Gauge Shotgun
Double Barrel Shotgun
Sawed Off Double Barrel Shotgun (H-DBS-1)
Double Barrel Flintlock Rifle
Double Barrel Flintlock Rifle (H-DBFR-1)
Winchester Lever Action
Winchester Lever Action Rifle
WWII Rifle
WWII Rifle
M16 A (BLK)
M16 A (BLK) (M-M16-1)
Assualt Rifle Russion 1947
Assualt Rifle Russion 1947 (M-AR-1)
M 1928 Sub Machine Gun (Tommy)
M 1928 Sub Machine Gun (Tommy) (M-TG-1)

Gun Accessories

Belt and Holster
Belt and Holster - Brown
Holster and Belt
Belt and Holster - Maroon
Holster and Belt
Belt and Holsters - Black
Military Utility Pouch Belt
Military Utility Pouch Belt
Contact Tim Weske directly for booking, services or questions.
Phone: (818) 421-2926
Email: info@timweske.com

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