Tim Weske
Specialist in theatrical combat for film, television & stage. 35 years of expertise in teaching and choreographing with all weapons.
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Below are videos that Tim Weske has choreographed and staged along with actors and stunt performers trained, coached, and instructed by Weske.

Demo Reels and Fight Footage

Demo Reel

Fight Footage

Scenes from Tim Weske’s “Untitled” project

Untitled Project Demo Reel

Female Duel

Hand-to-Hand & Stunts
Taught and Choreographed by Tim Weske

Street Fight Scene

Stunts Demo Reel

Hand to Hand Combat

Show Concept Sizzle Reels For Sale

Fantasy Women Battles

Gladiator Camp

If you are interested in seeing the show concept sizzle reel for Fantasy Women Battles. Please contact Tim Weske at 818-421-2926 and he will send you a link.

Fantasy Women Battles Fights
Choreographed and Trained by Show Creator Tim Weske

(All the women in these videos are actresses and models. They had no weapons training before meeting Tim Weske. They trained for one month for 4 to 6 hours per week. They all performed their entire fight with NO stunt doubles.)

Star Mainden vs. Galatic Empress

Pirate vs. Ninja

Kight vs. Celt

Executioner vs. Raider

Demon vs. Angel

Zorrita vs. Aztec

Vampire vs. Lycan

Elf vs. Egyptian

Show Trailers of Short Films
Produced and Directed by Tim Weske

Duel of Destiny

Game Night

Good Samaritan

Miscellaneous Show Videos Choreographed & Performers Trained by Tim Weske

Kinect XBOX Star Wars Duel

Lux Super Rich Commerical rarely seen footage

Morgan's World (Marisa Miller: First Mate)

I Love You, Man

Prince Caspian


The Count of Monte Cristo - A New Musical

Tim Weske Acting Clips


Jacquest Dubois


Contact Tim Weske directly for booking, services or questions.
Phone: (818) 421-2926
Email: info@timweske.com

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