Tim Weske: Stunt Fight Coordinator/Trainer/Choreographer in all weapons


Video: explanation of electric fencing equipment operation

Fencing Wardrobe

Fencing Swords

Fencing Accessories (Masks, Gloves, Shoes, Lamé, & Body Cord)Fencing Masks

Fencing Medals and AwardsFencing Gloves

Standard Fencing Wardrobe

Fencing attireFencer

Electric Fencing Wardrobe

fencerElectric Fencing

Fencing Coach/Instructors Wardrobe

Instructor’s Gear Competition Fencing Gear (Mask, Glove, & Jacket)

Fencing Instructor WardrobeFencing Instructor

Men's and Women's Chest Protectors

Chest ProtectorsChest Protectors for Men and Women

Equipment Bags

Shoulder Equipment Bag Shoulder Equipment Bagfencing bagsEquipment Carry Bag

Antique Fencing Equipment

Antique Fencing Masks

Wardrobe items available include:

  • Fencing Jackets
  • Fencing Gloves
  • Fencing Pants
  • Fencing Masks
  • Men's and Women's Chest Protectors
  • Fencing Bags
  • Fencing Socks
  • Electric Fencing Vests (Lame's)
  • Antique/Period Correct Fencing Equipment & Wardrobe


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