Tim Weske: Stunt Fight Coordinator/Trainer/Choreographer in all weapons

Unique Props and Set Equipment

Video: explanation of electric fencing equipment operation

These represent a few of our selections.

Equipment Bags

Shoulder Equipment Bag Shoulder Equipment BagEquipment Carry Bag

Electric Scoring Equipment

11" long X 5" high

13 1/2" x 13 1/2"

7" x 7"

21 1/2" long x 7" high

Faux Olympic Scoring Box

Faux Olympic Scoring Box
76" x 22"


Heart TargetFencer PropTarget Board
Targeting Board

8' long x 18" high

Swords & Grips

Saber, Epee and Foil
Saber, Epee and Foil -- French & Pistol Grips

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French & Pistol Grips  

Antique Fencing Equipment

Antique Fencing Masks


28" long x 42" high
Antique Sword Display Sword Presentation Case

Antique Sword Case
Antique sword display case. 
48" x 16 1/2"
Antique Sword Case
Large antique sword display case.
61 1/2" x 35 1/2"

Fencing Equipment

Fencing attire

Fencing Wardrobe

Fencing Medals and Awards

Electric Fencingfencer

Fencing MasksFencing Accessories (Masks, Gloves, Shoes, Lamé, & Body Cord)

Instructor’s GearCompetition Fencing Gear (Mask, Glove, & Jacket)

Fencing Instructor WardrobeFencing Gloves



Props available include:

  • Fencing Masks
  • Fencing Foils
  • Fencing Epees
  • Fencing Sabers
  • Fencing Bags
  • Electric fencing scoring boxes 
  • Electric fencing floor Reels
  • Electric fencing body Cords

Set Dressings available include:

  • Sword Display Cases
  • Sword Framed Pictures
  • Banner Flags
  • Shields
  • Theatrical Weapons
  • Fencing Equipment
  • Antique Fencing Equipment
  • Fencing Swords
  • Chests
  • Target Boards
  • Targeting Dummies 
  • Antique Swords
  • Trophies 
  • Fencing Medals 
  • Framed Sword Related Pictures


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