Tim Weske: Weapons Specialist

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Stars Trained

Sandra Bullock, Sir Ben Kingsley, Natalie Portman, Laurence Fishburne, and more

"Sword fighting is the hardest, scariest, and funnest thing I have ever done. Thank God I had Tim as my sword master!"

Marisa Miller

Weapons Specialist

A specialist engages in a constant study of his craft. He studies human movement, story details and character analysis. He takes the story requirements of the director, the actor, and the stunt coordinator, adds some swords, props and set pieces, and choreographs a scene that shows a slice of life while contributing to the creativity of the story.


  • For training and choreography of you film project
  • Location rental
  • Rental of props, set decor and wardrobe

Service: 818-980-2123
Cell Phone: 818-421-2926
Fax: 818-566-4357
Email: info@timweske.com


Current Projects Produced by Tim Weske

Fantasy Women BattlesOriginal concepts

starring CC Weske

Swordplay for Shakespeare Swordplay for Shakespeare

Tim Weske is a Member of:

  • The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
  • The Taurus Stunt Awards
  • SAG & AFTRA member since 1985